Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Breaking Bread & Rapping

The private dinner for China’s President Hu Jintao during his recent state visit, in the Old Family Dining Room in the White House residence, illustrated Obama’s careful mix of warmth and firmness for the leader of a nation that is at once the largest U.S. competitor and most important potential partner. It is a complicated relationship between two affectionately competing super-powered partners.

Breaking bread together, over a glass of wine or two, breaks down barriers, allows people to get to know each other, establish a solid foundation on which the partnership can build and brings them closer together. A genuine heart warming reassuring rap enables them to develop a much-needed personal chemistry and connection.

Underscoring the desire for candor, the White House said there were no official note-takers at the dinner and offered no readout of the discussions. Very important considering it will be the last major summit between the two presidents, although not the last meetings before 2012 when Hu steps down from his final term as party chief, and Obama is up for re-election.

Fascinating to hear what they both had to say publicly after their private dinner. On democracy, Hu said China is committed to the development of socialist democracy. “Without democracy, there can be no socialist modernization,” he said.

“We will continue to expand people’s democracy and build a socialist country under the rule of law in keeping with China’s national conditions.”

“We also know this: history shows that societies are more harmonious, nations are more successful and the world is more just when the rights and responsibilities of all nations and all peoples are upheld ─ including the universal rights of every human being,” Obama said.

The fundamental principle of the Marxist party is to “put the people first” and “govern for the people.” Sounds a lot like the U.S. Constitution declaration of “Government of the People, For the People, By the People.” America’s Founding Fathers words had a far greater global influence than most people realize. They even influenced Karl Marx. Sometimes I wish they would influence today’s leaders of the Communist, Democratic and Republican parties in America and China. It is in the interest of all three parties to better realize, safeguard and develop the fundamental interests of the majority of the people ─ We the Maids who have the power to sweep them out.


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President Hu Jintao has been hailed today as the 3rd most powerful person in the world. He truly lives up to his name.

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